Create a Website in 30 Minutes? Finally, yes!

You know all those best-selling books that have titles like “XYZ for Dummies!” and “ABC for Idiots”?

Well there are a lot of online equivalents for website building platforms that make claims like:

Easy, no-code! Anyone can do it! Create a website in minutes!

Is it true? Not in my experience!

I slogged through all the hype and tried several platforms, unintentionally discovering the differences between and along the way, and gave up.


Because at first the templates looked really great! Just a few tweaks and it would be perfect! After all, these were the platforms recommended on several ‘best of’ lists.

But every time, either the formatting got so messed up that I had to start over. And / or I had to delve into html, css, and other nasty codes (nasty meaning there is a learning curve associated with them) to get it to function properly. Which never happened.

For a while I paid $20 per month for a website publishing company that provided sophisticated webpages for a niche of authors and publishers which was quite good.

And if I was making money with my content, would be quite a deal. However, unlike many here on the Medium platform, my ‘creator activities’ are best described as a hobby rather than a revenue generator — so cost control is important.

But it this service was more than I needed. And although they were extremely helpful and responsive, I had to dive into code-like activities once in a while, which I didn’t want to do. If I get to the point where the $20 month fee is paid from revenue and not savings, I would go back to them in a heartbeat.

What I Just Discovered

However, a short time ago I came across which promised simple website creation. How simple? One-page simple. Could it be true?

This company created a drag and drop, cut and paste, system from creating very simple one-page websites. And they automatically take into consideration the mobile vs. monitor displays.

So with some skepticism, I tried it.

And I found it truly easy to use.

I took existing templates, and with a graphical interface, was able to customize a decent looking one-web-pager in about 30 minutes.

Even linking my own URLs wasn’t difficult; they provide simple instructions for how to do with common providers, GoDaddy in my case. And if you don’t have a custom domain, you can get one from them for free.

There is a free trial. There are a plethora of plans, all very economical, for those that might be in a similar financial situation as me. The plan I picked is $19/year and allows the creation of ten websites.

And there are a more sophisticated tools available for those that want them. Who knows, maybe I will baby-step into them someday.

So if you have looking to create some good looking, one page websites without to much cash on the line, check it out.

If you want to try make your own website using and use my referral link , I will receive a credit towards my own fees.

For those that our curious, here are my five websites so far, which are currently “works in progress”. You can see that one of the URLs is one provided from and not my own.

Take a look:



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