Photo for illustrative purposes only! Book is 83 pages — about 1/3 the ‘thickness’ shown here. Reproduced here with permission from Industrial Insights LCC © 2021

Preface to the book “The Smart Manufacturing Terms You Need to Know!”

Excerpt from book published in 2021, available in paperback and Ebook with the link below. More than 120 terms defined from 3D printing to Zigbee.

The year 2021 is turning out to be a pivotable one in the world of manufacturing!

As I write these lines in March 2021, the Covid 19 vaccinations are rolling out across the United States. A surge of optimism is taking hold that life will return to “normal” within the following months.

But global supply chains appear more fragile than ever before. This month, a towering cargo ship, as long as the Empire State Building is high blocks the Suez Canal, stopping traffic in both directions. Estimates are that the cost of interrupted trade is $10 billion per day.

A worldwide shortage of semiconductor chips is idling automotive manufacturers everywhere — production has ground to a stop.

These recent events are accelerating the re-shoring movement to locate manufacturing close to its customers. Smart Manufacturing, sometimes called Industry 4.0, promises customized products created with less waste. New business models and new smart products further change and create opportunities for those with bold visions.

This compendium will serve as a reference to Smart Manufacturing’s terminology.

Here you will find many terms that predate the concept of Industry 4.0 but are still crucial to enabling it — and illustrate how progress builds upon past achievements. And here you will find at least a few new words and concepts as the Internet of Things and Information Technologies transform manufacturing.

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Smart Manufacturing Terms

Mike Nager The Smart Manufacturing Terms You Need to Know! Book and website
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